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In fact, cookies are useful for viewers because cookies store some sort of information for viewers to provide an effective and fast page or website results. Moreover, cookies are stored on the user’s device like a computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet and another device for viewer support. All the stored data in a temporary file on the user server give helps to fast caching and searching. When the user will try to approach the website the search engine route on the site quickly. In fact, user data will help in future queries and suggest the right options. 

Moreover, Google uses the user cookies and provides the respective ads according to their desired need search. That is why the banglaprices team prefers to accept the cookies for the viewer’s easiness. All the cookies data helped us to provide and improve our services. So, you can accept our cookies for better services and information provides by our Company or website Furthermore, all the stored data and files always remain on your devices for future improvement and quick access to the website. Additionally, Google used third-party opinions on the internet for a better service policy.

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