Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

So, the banglaprices team manages and ensure our viewers all fundamental facts, figure data and information related to our viewers personal, professional and own data. On the other hand, we managed your related privileges for you here. When our regular viewers access our site we collect data and information for future use and service these system are compulsory for the privacy policy. All the data we gathered will help us and our viewers for future services and enhancement. After these step you can access for service and how the law along policy protects your personal information by Google and third-party.

Interpretation of Service

  • Before accepting the privacy policy you will admit these points which are mentioned below:
  • Our viewers will access with the unique account for the part and access the right of services.
  • The Enterprise represents either the “Company”, “Us”, “Our” and “We” in this policy agreement.
  • In fact, our team will use your cookies for future services
  • Cookies stored the user history and give suggestion related to your search
  • We collect your personal data like names, emails, and passwords to give you the right to our site

Use of Your information

All the uses of your information and data are mentioned below:

  • Provide the desired search and service related to your query
  • For accurate and best performance or search by user and feedback
  • To make the connection and bidirectional communication through mail or another similar platform
  • Manage and Right user accounts then access our website for future
  • During maintenance of the website intimate our viewers and user

Moreover, the company may use the data for current trends, your experiences and feedback for enhancing the services.

Security of Data

In fact, its our duty to protect for personal data and security to provide you peace of mind there. But as you know that in this era we did not say that we protect your data 100% because all the services and information are stored on the server, another platform that is why there is no technology and methodology to secure any system 100%. Additionally, we assume that your data is secure but absolutely not 100% on the internet.

Other Website Links

All the mentioned third-party links mentioned in our posts are just for viewer’s satisfaction and information. Whenever you click or visit third-party links you go under the policy of the third party and sometimes its harmful for the user then you interact with other websites and links, In this way, we prefer our viewers must read out the policy of third-party, which type of data or information fetch from you either they fetch account, email, password or your personal contacts or gallery. Furthermore, it’s your responsibility to ensure and read the third-party policy to secure your data.

Privacy Policy Changes

In fact, banglaprices team has the right to update and change the policy in certain conditions according to the requirement. Whenever we change the policy we will notify you otherwise you will check the privacy policy page after a time. We will inform or notify you through email or by publishing the post on our website for our viewers. Here you can get the latest and new information or changes in the privacy policy. That is why, we recommend you to read out this page and accept the privacy policy for better services.

Contact Us

So, you can mail us for feedback, suggestion, query, and for any information. For this, we mentioned the page for contacting our team below. 

Through this link:

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